Legenda Danau Toba Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Legenda Danau Toba Bahasa Bahasa Inggris

 The Legend of Toba Lake

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Toba, he was orphaned and worked as a farmer in the northern part of Sumatra island. The area is very dry. In addition to farming sometimes Toba love fishing and fishing .

Until one day he went fishing. Already half a day he did the job, but none of the fish he got. Because it was getting dark, the Toba was rushing to go home. However, he accidentally saw a large and beautiful fish, the fish was golden yellow.

Toba catch big fish and immediately take it home. Arriving at home because it is so hungry that he wanted to cook fish, but when he saw the beautiful fish, he changed his mind. He prefers to keep it. Then Toba put it in a large container and give the fish food.

The next day as usual, he went to his farm to farm, and until the middle of the day he went home with the intention of going to lunch. But what surprised him, when he saw in his home has been provided food that is ready to be eaten and appear spread out several pieces of gold. He really appalled. Long he thinks who does all that, but because the stomach is hungry he finally ate ravenously the food.

This incident continues repeatedly. Every time he came home was about to eat, cooking sake was served at his home cooking. Until the young man has a strategy to peek out who did it all.

The next day Toba start his move. As usual, he departed from the house, as if to go to farm field. Then, he suddenly jumped up and started hiding among the trees near his home. Long he waited, until finally so he wanted to come out of hiding, he saw the smoke started there in her home kitchen. As she slowly walked toward the back of his house to see who is doing all of that.

Toba was very surprised when he saw a very beautiful woman with long hair was cooking in the kitchen of his house. Toba became very fascinated because the faces of women who stand in front of him is extraordinary beautiful. He had never seen such a beautiful woman.

Told by the woman that he was the incarnation of a large fish that have been obtained by the Toba river. Then also explained that some pieces of gold were located in the kitchen it is the incarnation of the scales.
Legenda Danau Toba Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Until one day, Toba the farmer applying women to be his wife. Women are willing to accept his but he should swear that all his life he would never bring her origins incarnation of fish. After he swearing, they married.

A year later, they were blessed with a son who they named Samosir. The child was very spoiled by his mother so he be a lazy boy.

One day, the boy told by his mother to deliver rice to his father's field. But the middle of the road, he is some rice and side dishes. Upon arrival the fields, the rest of the rice it is only a little he gave to his father. Currently accepted it, the father is feeling very hungry then Toba so very angry when he saw the rice given to him only remnants.

Toba anger grew when her son confessed that he who takes up most of the rice. Patience father so lost and he beat his son, saying, "Children who can not be taught. Not ungrateful, son of fish"

While cryring, the boy ran to home. He told to his mother that he was beaten by father. And he told all slur by his father. Hearing his story, the mother was so sad, especially since her husband had violated his oath with the words slur that he spoke to his son.

The mother told her to immediately go up the hill located not so far from their homes and climb the tallest tree on the peak of the hill. Without asking again, Samosir do his mother’s command. He ran toward the hilltop and climb it.

Then the mother ran to the river that is not so far away from their homes. When he reached the edge of the river was lightning, and thunder that boomed. A moment later he jumped into the river and suddenly turned into a big fish. At the same time, very heavy rain and the river was a major flood.

Intermittent some time later, the river water has overflowed everywhere and drowned valley where the river flows. Mr. Toba could not save himself, he was drowned by a puddle. Over time, it is increasingly widespread water and turned into a huge lake which later called Lake Toba. And small island the middle of lake named Samosir island.
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